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Recent changes to CASA Part 61 requirements for the testing of initial instructor ratings have now been included in the syllabuses and

Operations Manuals of the majority of flight training schools.


It is  highly recommended that you seek advice before booking a test to ensure that you meet the criteria, both for initial issue

and  upgrades and steve can help you with this.



steve reh


How do I prepare for my test?

If you are sitting for an initial Grade 3 A test, you will need to be recommended by your CFI on the appropriate form.


You should be  thoroughly familiar with the FEH (Flight Examiner Handbook), so that you know how the test will be conducted and the

competencies to be met.. A good working knowledge of the Part 61 Manual of Standards is required, as well as knowing  the privileges

and limitations of the rating you seek.


Make sure that you have a current medical  class 1 and a pass in the school PMI exam and CASA PMI exam conducted with ASL.( only 

required for Initilal G3 A Instructor Rating.


The CASA requirements for instructor upgrades and renewals  ( proficiency checks) and training endorsements are clearly defined in the

CASR Part 61. A course of training must be undertaken for the addition of a training endorsement you may wish to add to your existing

rating. Training Endorsements that can be added for example are design feature training endorsements and NVFR training

endorsements. If a training endorsement is added to your existing rating 6 months or more after obtaining your initial rating this can count

as a proficiency check giving you 24 months and saving costs for you. Speak to or contact me for details.

You can count on me to put you at ease during your test and conduct the test in a fair an impartial manner.


Useful Documents and Websites 

The following publications are available to help in your preparation. The list is not exhaustive, but will point you in the right direction.

Please contact steve direct on 0405 318 601 to arrange your test or renewal or fill out the contact form on this website.