Steve Reh
Flight Examiner
Flight Instructor Training
Flight Instructor Rating


Steve is the Flight Instructor Rating Specialist for several schools in the sydney basin.

and offers consultancy for many of these schools.

The Flight Instructor Courses run all year round full and part time and can be completed fulltime in 10-12

weeks . A Grade 3 and Design Feature Completion Certificate is also issued on Graduation.The Course

also includes BIF Gap Training to allow you to teach Basic Instrument Flight under Part 61.

The  course is one of the most rewarding ratings a commercial pilot can achieve. It will polish your flying skills

no end and is a fantastic way to build hours on the way to the airlines or just make it a career.

Many of steves students have gone onto become captains and first officers in the airlines who he maintains a relationship with to this day.

Student Testemonial


Steve is a brilliant instructor. He is very approachable, friendly, relaxed, but most importantly a wealth of knowledge .


Additionally he is a great mentor who is always willing to make the time to sit down and address your concerns.

With Steve's guidance and coaching I aced my initial FIR test with the highest confidence. Thank you Steve.

Ben Ryan



No mutual partner is required. All course materials are provided and in addition to the 42 hours plus flying provides over 250 + hours 

of theory instruction  provided by a dedicated course instructor managed by steve. All fees are incuded except the casa flight

test fee which is approximately  600 - 800 AUD depending if casa elects to conduct the test of an initial G3 . The

flight instructor rating is an excellent career path for the commercial pilot and

opens the pathway to a career in itself where you get paid to fly and do what you loveI. It is also an excellent step for entry to airline flying

as airlines favour flight Instructors who have built their hours in this way.One could move onto check and

training captain as a

career path in their airline career. Candidates for this prestigious rating must hold a commercial pilot licence

with a minimum of

100 Hours command time and hold a current class 1 medical. The course can be paid upfront or paid in  installments.The course is

conducted in the PA-28 Cherokee glass and non-glass and some time in the cessna 172 G1000 and 152 or robin or Citabria for spin activity training.The course will 

reward you with a Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating Aeroplane.Steve boasts a very high first time pass rate in the

flight test.

Steve is currently involved with  Altocap Flight School as the Flight Instructor Rating Course Specialist

Becoming a Flight Instructor is a great way to move forward in your career as a pilot.

The knowledge you gain will be invaluable for your future.
Our next Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) course will start on 13May 2017

Full Time 8-10 weeks /part time 12-15 weeks. Limited places available!!

For more details visit Altocap 

New Multi Engine TE Available

New IFR Course Available


Next FIR Course commencing June 7 2019

A Certificate 1V in workplace training and assessment can be added to the course if you desire at an extra cost.

fill out the contact page for details